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    R4i SDHC V1.4.4
    The R4i SDHC was the first ever DSi compatible card to be produced for the homebrew market. It was released in the second quarter of 2009 after the general release of the Nintendo DSi console. It boasted the same functionality as old DS cards, including up to 32GB Micro-SDHC support, being able to run Moonshell to play media, and frequent software updates.

    When Nintendo released the 1.4 DSi firmware update in late July 2009, all DSi cards were temporarily disabled. Several cards, including the EZFlash Vi and Acekard 2i, were able to patch themselves to become compatible with the new 1.4 firmware. However, the R4i SDHC (among others) was unable to do this. As a result, all existing R4i SDHC cards became unable to be used on the DSi console.

    This was obviously a big blow to the manufacturers, who quickly resolved the issues and manufactured a brand new 1.4-compatible card. Strangely, despite the big setback of effectively nullifying all its DSi cards to date (when the 1.4 firmware was released), it regained its market share incredibly quickly. After the release of the new card, the R4i SDHC once again became the leading DSi compatible card on the market – despite the advances of the Acekard 2i, EZFlash Vi, and the M3i Zero.
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